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October 23, 2004
I've gotten the first quarter of Francis's journal written, and the first three entries are available online. The journal takes place during the two months before the comic starts and covers Francis's adjustment to life in Arkham. Updates should be daily, once I clear things up so the autoposter will work. Once things are up and running, the journal will update in real time - if Francis posted something at 6:45 AM, it will appear at 6:45 AM, albeit three years and some months late. -- Mark

October 14, 2004
(Elizabeth says) Attention! I forgot to upload the Epilogue strip for today (the 14th) until the afternoon when I got home from school. If you have not seen the epilogue concerning Joe, I suggest hitting 'previous' until you do. Also, it is worth knowing that we are updating daily during the epilogue, so keep checking on us!

September 3, 2004
Welcome, people visiting from the Daily Illuminator. I hope you enjoy our comic. And also, thanks to Brian Hogue who nominated TCoW.
Illuminated Site of the Week Winner

June 16, 2004
Elizabeth has finals right now, so no TCoW today. Sorry.

May 5, 2004
This is our entry for Online Comics Day. Well, actually it's Woap's, but we did one for him.

February 24, 2004
I was late in getting my script to Elizabeth, and she was out all evening, so today's strip will be delayed. Sorry about the inconvenience.

October 14, 2003
Elizabeth has been quite busy working on some art for school, so there's no strip today. Instead you get another nifty little pamphlet from Occultech. Sorry about two days of filler in a row. Thursday will have a real comic.

June 24, 2003
(Elizabeth says) Got a couple of announcements now. Firstly, I am doing some guest illustration over at UC Rats for the next few weeks. Woap's writing the story, which is perfectly canon. UC Rats will be updating daily as usual during this time.Secondly...
Have you ever wondered what the strip would be like if it were done by an artist who actally followed the directions of the author? Have you ever wanted to know what the comics look like before they get drawn? Just plain bored? Hop over to My brother's livejournal, where he has made various old TCoW scripts viewable to the public (complete with links to the actual comics). Some scrolling may be required.

May 21, 2003
(Elizabeth says) Hey hey! It's been a long time since this was updated. ...and for good reason. There is no news. Move along people, the comic's over there. Nothing to see here.

September 19, 2002
(Elizabeth says) You have probably noticed the sketchiness of some of the comics recently. This is something I've decided to do when I get to the point where I have to choose between getting my homework done and finishing the comic or getting my homework done and getting a decent amount of sleep. It's not something I hope to have to do often - if I have time, there will be a full comic; if not, I'll try to put up the sketch. I still have to decide if I'll go back and fix up the sketchy ones later.

September 15, 2002
(Elizabeth says) Lookie! my friend Lulu Wei (AKA Insane Weirdo) made us some nice fanart of the cultists. Go see it!

September 8, 2002
(Elizabeth says) 'Bout time this got updated, and with two very important announcements! First of all, it'd be a good idea to start reading UC Rats now, because we have a crossover coming up on Sunday the 22nd of September! It will start at UC Rats on Sunday, but visit TCoW first on Monday before reading the UC Rats part of the crossover. During this time (one week) both Woap and I'll be drawing a strip everyday. It should be a lot of fun. ^_^

Secondly, I think it's about time that I announced the winner of the 'Name the Hound' contest on our forum. We thought long and hard about this, and the name we decided on eventually, then forgot to announce because I'm bad that way, was... (cue the drumroll) Baskervilles, as suggested by Siece! To be honest, I haven't thought much about the prize, so Siece, I'm open to suggestions about what sort of art you want. Contact me some time, and we can negotiate. :)

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